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French, Mrs A. Scott

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This is a two year course with exam based assessment leading to an A level in French.

A level French is an academic course which is challenging, rewarding and enriching. Through social, intellectual and cultural themes learners will be able to develop their linguistic knowledge and cultural understanding of the countries or communities where French is spoken.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any trips to France?

We run a regular trip to Paris, one of the most visited, beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. We also have links with a school in the Alsace-Lorraine region.

How much understanding of grammar do I need before starting the A level?

Although we do deliver lessons on grammar in Year 12, it is a good idea to have a firm understanding of each of the different tenses before starting and also of pronouns, simply because then you will be able to express yourself more easily and confidently.

How is A level different to GCSE?

A level and GCSE are really quite different in the study of languages. The topics are much more engaging and quite quickly you will find that you can talk reasonably fluently about a range of ethical issues and current affairs. You also learn a lot more about the culture of France and French speaking countries.

What careers can languages lead to?

There is a whole range of jobs that seek people with good foreign language skills. People with a degree in languages have very good job prospects and can work in broadcasting, journalism, politics, the military, the music industry, publishing, marketing, diplomacy, design, the travel industry, international aid, charity work, tour management, performance, media, engineering, education, business… in short any field that involves working with other countries, which these days is most sectors.

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